Active and Passive LED Coolers for Citizen LED Arrays

LED Cooler

Citizen Electronics seeks the highest level of brightness and efficacy in the LED package industry. In addition, they have endeavored to achieve technical solutions for many years. Through advanced manufacturing techniques and packaging technology, Citizen Electronics COB LED package series products bring a lighting space full of delight and beauty.

Cooliance has developed a range of passive and active high performance LED Coolers (heatsinks) to support Citizen Electronics LED arrays.

Citizen’s LEDs offer the following features:

  • High chromatic LEDs that enable the vivid appearance of objects by selecting LED dice or phosphor and tuning the light emitting spectrum.
  • UL standard (UL 8750) certification.
  • Reduced variation in the chromaticity range and they are compliant with 3-step MacAdam ellipses.
  • Color rendering is improved while high efficacy is retained.