Heatsinks For Medical Devices

Passive LED Heatsink
Passive LED heatsink base
Passive LED heatsink
Passive LED heatsink assembly

As a global leader in thermal management solutions, Cooliance designs and manufactures high-efficiency heatsinks for the medical equipment market.

Reliability is pivotal to the success of electronic medical equipment: failure is not an option when a patient's life depends on the successful operation of a medical device.

There is a direct correlation between the thermal efficiency of an electronic device and its life expectancy. The 'cooler' we can keep the operating temperature of a device its reliability, service life, and above all, safety will increase.

There are many design considerations when designing the thermal management system for a device:

  • Weight: will a patient wear the device? If so, the weight of the system will have a higher significance.
  • Dust: active cooling will move dust particles into the device, challenging its reliability or blow dust particles into the environment.
  • Battery Life: active cooling will shorten a battery's life expectancy
  • Redundant systems: heat pipes can transfer waste heat energy to an external cooler
  • Touch temperature: will the device run at a temperature that is comfortable to the human hand?
  • Ruggedization: can the device and its thermal management solution stand up to the demands of daily use?
  • Ambient noise: is the thermal management solution run quietly enough not to disturb a patient at night at a technician working in a lab

Cooliance offers the following thermal management technologies for medical device applications:

  • Liquid-Cooled Cold Plates
  • Passive Heatsinks
  • Heatpipes
  • Forced Air Heatsinks