Heatsinks For Bridgelux COB LEDs

Cooliance's market-leading pin fin design offers significant advantages for cooling LED applications including:

Bridgelux LED Heatsink

  • The pins provide a high degree of surface area
  • The cold forging process produces single piece of metal, high-density heat sink that provides outstanding thermal conductivity
  • The pin fin design will work effectively in many orientations
  • The forging technology provides the capability to incorporate custom features into the tool
  • The precision machined 10mm thick base offers high thermal conductivity and provides a flat, uninterrupted surface for hole patterns to support LED attachment, optics, and mounting brackets
  • Passive and Active (with integral fan) options
  • All heatsinks will be shipped pre-drilled

Cooliance supports the Bridgelux LED Ecosystem, which includes Bridgelux's COB LED product offering and LED holders from:

Cooliance LED heatsinks can be modified or customized to your application's needs:

Passive LED Heatsink
Passive LED heatsink base
Passive LED heatsink
Passive LED heatsink assembly