Company History

Cooliance is a leading provider of thermal management solutions offering its customers a wide range of products and services focused on the LED lighting and Electronic markets.   The LED product line boasts a comprehensive offering of standard LED coolers ranging from 5W to 500W.  The Electronic line consists of cold-forged, extruded and machined heatsinks some of which incorporate heat pipes or vapor champers to spread the heat.

Cooliance expertise in Thermal Management dates back to 1995.   In 2004, the company developed a proprietary mechanical attach cooling solution for BGA chips called the Smart-CLIP™.  This product line offers easy application, easy removal, and a highly reliable mechanical attach mechanism.  Smart-CLIP™ quickly became the preferred solution for industry leading providers of networking and communication products due to its flexibility, thermal performance and high reliability.

Cooliance was one of the first thermal management company to develop products specifically designed for LED applications.  In 2009 the company leveraged its precision cold forged pin fin manufacturing capability to create a broad range of standard LED coolers.  The pin fin design offers significant advantages for cooling LED applications including:

  • The pins provide a high degree of surface area
  • The cold forging process produces single piece of metal, high-density heat sink that provides outstanding thermal conductivity
  • The pin fin design will work effectively in many orientations
  • The forging technology provides the capability to incorporate custom features into the tool
  • The precision machined 10mm thick base offers high thermal conductivity and provides a flat, uninterrupted surface for hole patterns to support LED attachment, optics, and mounting brackets

Cooliance continues to expand its product line.  In 2011, the Coolstrate® line of active LED coolers was launched offering 50,000 plus hours of quiet and reliable cooling performance.   Cooliance recently launched a line of high power passive LED Coolers manufactured with our bonded fin technology.  These products provide a light-weight, highly effective cooling solutions for 150W, 200W, 250W and 500W applications.  All Cooliance LED coolers are tested and matched to industry leading LED COB products and come with the specific hole patterns to support mounting of the COB.

In 2011, Cooliance launched Cooliance GmbH to provide sales, service and local inventory to support customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.  Cooliance manufactures products in Taiwan and China and in 2015 the company established a dedicated manufacturing facility in China.

Cooliance has earned a reputation for strong engineering, developing solutions to complex thermal management challenges, providing high-quality solutions at a competitive price and meeting its delivery commitments.  Come to Cooliance when you need expert thermal management design, rapid turnaround, and the best customer service in the industry!