LED Heatsinks for Grow Lights

Passive LED Heatsink
Passive LED heatsink base
Passive LED heatsink
Passive LED heatsink assembly

One of the more significant challenges that indoor horticultural growers face is thermal management and the associated costs of thermal management.

An ideal growing temperature is 77°F (25°C); higher temperatures negatively affect photosynthesis and metabolic rates. The primary heat sources for the indoor grower is the natural ambient temperature and grow lights. While Cooliance cannot do much about the sun's heat intensity, we can provide the manufacturers of grow lights with thermally efficient heatsinks.

Cooliance uses a one-piece pin-fin cold-forged aluminum heatsink for maximum heat-transfer. For strength, security and design flexibility the grow light heatsinks use a precision-machined 10mm thick base.

They can be used on individual horticultural COB LEDs or can be custom designed to be the integral thermal management platform for the grow light assembly.

All heatsinks have a high-quality aesthetic finish.