High Aspect Ratio Extrusions

For electronics product manufacturers who require a series of high volume applications to be produced, one of the best heatsink solutions comes in the form of the high aspect ratio extrusion model. This is because products that require little or no secondary level processing are most affordably served by extrusion technology for heatsinks. Through reducing costs and still maximizing the benefits of high surface area cooling, the makers of heatsinks today have been able to deliver incredibly efficient large scale thermal planning for a wide variety of clients throughout the market.

An important part of putting together the heatsink design for a company's manufacturing needs is developing an assessment of its thermal requirements and from there determining the right strategy to implement. For high-volume manufacturers who are interested in the most energy-efficient and inexpensive option, the use of high aspect ratio extrusion technology is the clear answer. That's because the more commonplace extrusions often will not be able to serve the needs of high volume applications, due to the fact that their cooling capacity - measured in part by the aspect ratio - is simply not great enough. Here, the advantage of high aspect ratio extrusions becomes apparent; by nearly doubling the heatsink extrusion's aspect ratio, manufacturers are able to take advantage of the optimized effect of what would otherwise be a normal extrusion based heatsink.

By consulting with the makers of heatsinks, an electronics producer can more accurately pinpoint the production needs in terms of fin thickness and overall density. The standard extrusion - which is one of the most common models for heatsinks in general - is often produced with aluminum, due to its high thermal conductivity. After getting past the basics, the decision of how to fan out the fins is based largely on the spacing between them, although there is often a varied selection of fin widths that adhere specifically to one's application requirements.