About Mounting Holes

heatsink mounting holes

One of the key advantages of using Cooliance products, whether from the active Coolstrate® range or the passive CML range, is the fact that we can apply mounting holes in any configuration you like. Our precision machined base is 10mm thick and absolutely flat. You can use the standard recommended depth for mounting M3 holes into aluminum (7.6mm) without worrying about disturbing the pin pattern with through holes.

We have standard patterns available for Vossloh Luga Shop, Bridgelux RS and Vero, LED Engin and, of course, Zhaga. However, whether “standard” or not, we can supply your units with the mounting configuration you need. Just tell us which array you need to mount and we will supply them pre-bored.

Do you need mounting holes for the reflector, for wire guides, for mounting brackets?

Design your product the way you need it. We will be glad to quote price and leadtimes.