LED Heatsinks for Streetlights

Passive LED Heatsink
Passive LED heatsink base
Passive LED heatsink
Passive LED heatsink assembly

As municipalities seek methods to reduce their operating costs, many are focusing on the power consumption of their streetlight infrastructure. The primary market is to retrofit existing street lights replacing inefficient light sources such as low and high-pressure sodium, and metal halide with LED lights.

Cooliance have a range of streetlight LED heatsinks designed for the outdoor luminaire 'retrofit' market using a one-piece, pin-fin, cold-forged aluminum heatsink for maximum heat-transfer. For strength, security and design flexibility the grow light heatsinks use a precision-machined 10mm thick base. Furthermore, the precision-machined base is ideally suited for IP67 applications.

Next-generation outdoor luminaires will be used in 'smart' cities where lighting patterns and power can be controlled from a central location. For these applications, the Cooliance engineering team will collaborate with the outdoor luminaire OEM to thermally model and custom design a heatsink for each customer application.