BGA Heatsinks

Cooliance has a strong offering of BGA heat sinks. We specialize in providing industry leading mechanical attach solutions that allow the heat sink to attach to the chip without adhesives or holes in the PCB. Our mechanical attach solutions are typically used in high reliability applications.

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  • Fast, tool less application. Clip and heat sink can be attached within a few seconds
  • Heat sink can be easily removed within seconds and reapplied
  • Reliable mechanical attach mechanism ensures that heat sink will stay on over the life of the product
  • Ensures optimal level of contact with the chip first time and every time. Manufacturing variability is reduced significantly
  • A Predetermined contact force is designed into the product ensuring a constant and secure thermal transfer
  • Every solution comes with a premium interface pad applied
Design Features
  • Our Smart-CLIP™ attach mechanism allows the fins to extend beyond the dimensions of the chip package without interfering with other board components

Our BGA heat sinks can also be attached with thermal adhesive tape, push pins, or epoxy.