Active and Passive LED Coolers for Bridgelux LED Arrays

Bridgelux is a  global leader in Solid State Lighting (SSL) products which are fully optimized for both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting applications.

Cooliance has developed a range of passive and active high performance LED Coolers (heatsinks) to support Bridgelux LED arrays.

The Vero®Series has industry leading performance:

  • Market leading efficacy, 130 lm/W typical and 110 lm/W minimum
  • 275 to as much as 16,300 lumens
  • Wide range of CCT options from 2700K to 5000K
  • Wide variety of CRI

The V Series™ cost-effective COB (chip-on-board) light engines:

  • High flux density in small packages
  • Suits the sub-100 lumen commercial and residential lighting applications