Tridonic LED Heatsinks

LED Heatsinks For:

  • SLE G1 Sunset G1 11mm With Housing
  • SLE G1 Sunset G1 15mm With Housing
  • SLE G6 Advanced G6 15mm With Housing
  • SLE G6 Advanced G6 15mm XD With Housing
  • SLE G5 Excite 15mm
  • SLE G5 XD Excite
  • SLE G7 Advanced 13mm
  • SLE G7 Advanced 15mm
  • SLE G7 Fashion 13mm
  • SLE G7 Pure White 13mm

Led Holders:

Not all LED Heatsinks are made equal!

Cooliance provides a range of pin fin forged high-performance passive, and Coolstrate® active, pin fin LED heatsinks for Tridonic LEDs.

These heatsinks offer industry-leading thermal performance. Check out the thermal resistance performance in the table below.

This range of Tridonic COB LEDs mount onto the heatsink via an LED Holder.

Cooliance will ship each heatsink, listed below, pre-drilled for the each LED Holder (see sidebar).

Tridonic LED Heatsinks

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  • Coolstrate® (Active) LED Heatsink Features
  • Passive LED Heatsink Features

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Power Dissipation (W)
Ambient 25°C
Power Dissipation (W)
Ambient 35°C
Coolstrate® (Active)
Thermal Resistance
Model #         Datasheet
20 17 Passive 40 50 3.70 CPL4050 -891
25 20 Passive 40 70 3.05 CPL4070 -891
26 22 Passive 50 50 2.90 CPL5050 -891
31 26 Passive 50 70 2.45 CPL5070 -891
34 28 Passive 70 50 2.20 CPL7050 -891
41 34 Passive 70 70 1.82 CPL7070 -891
50 42 Coolstrate 50 60 1.50 CSL5025SQ -891
52 43 Passive 80 50 1.45 CPL8050 -891
58 48 Passive 80 70 1.30 CPL8070 -891
63 52 Passive 100 50 1.20 CPL10050 -891
64 57 Coolstrate 50 105 1.10 CSL5070SQ -891
65 54 Coolstrate 50 85 1.15 CSL5050SQ -891
68 57 Coolstrate 50 60 1.10 CSL5025Q -891
71 59 Passive 120 50 1.06 CPL12050 -891
73 61 Passive 100 70 1.03 CPL10070 -891
83 69 Passive 140 50 0.90 CPL14050 -891
Passive LED Heatsink for Tridonic LED Arrays
LED Heatsinks for Tridonic

Coolstrate® is silent and reliable, well-exceeding the life of your light engine

  • Inaudible at one meter
  • No issues of resonance – multiple units mounted together are as silent as a single unit
  • Long-life motor design keeps our units silent for years
  • Coolstrate® fans are designed to operate trouble-free for over 60,000 hours
    • Double-bearing industrial fans, produced in the hundreds of thousands and with proven reliability records
    • Double-bearing fans do not suffer from sudden failure, unlike sleeve-bearing based designs
    • Double-bearing fans are indifferent to orientation, unlike sleeve-bearing based designs
  • Heavy-duty, high-density pin fin heat sinks are designed to eliminate internal dust build-up – our field tests prove it.
  • Robust mounting clip protects the fan from shock and virtually eliminates accidental damage
  • No separate driver is required – you have the full range of choice for the driver that best meets your lighting requirements
  • Easy application testing – with a full range of standard sizes and multiple fan speeds, we make it easy for you to address the trade-offs between size constraints and power
  • Coolstrate®'s 10mm, perfectly flat base gives you maximum security for reliable mounting of your Tridonic array, as well as full freedom in hole placement for mounting points, wire guides and reflector attachments
Active LED Heatsink for Tridonic LED Arrays

Standard Passive LED Heatsinks are available in the following sizes:

  • Diameters of 20 mm to 160 mm are offered within the standard product family. Consult factory for other sizes.
  • Pin heights of up to 100mm are available

Standard or modified standard solutions - We can provide a solution from our standard product line and model it to ensure that it will provide adequate cooling for your application..

Our precision forge process provides unique advantages for LED cooling:

  • Forging can produce round and other non-linear shapes that are preferred for LED applications.
  • The forge process uses high pressure to form the material and provides control over the grain structure to provide superior thermal performance.
  • LED’s are generally convection cooled and our forged pin fin arrays provide the best possible thermal performance in ambient environments.
  • Heat sinks can be forged in either aluminum or copper.

Custom design services - Our thermal engineers can also work with you to design and model a custom solution optimized to meet the needs of your application.

Contact Cooliance to find out how we can assist you with your next luminaire project.